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Kelsey Gangi

Welcome to My Online Portfolio!

Here you’ll find a variety of my work from personal, professional, and school-related projects. Use the links above to find a specific category you’re interested in, or simply scroll down to browse everything.

Please excuse any glitches or incomplete posts! I’m still working on getting everything uploaded here as of June 2023 and will have full datasets and much more detail added as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!


Rock Bottom Tattoos & Treasures

Lucky Charm Pugs

Chasing Spring Cavaliers

Mediators and Arbitrators of America

Geologic Mapping of the Rosillos Foothills

Other Various GIS Projects

Spatial Optimization in ArcMap

Global Water Concentrations in the Earth’s Mantle

Global Water Concentrations in the Earth’s Mantle

Mounting Planetary Analogues within Indium Mounts at NASA

Studying Water in the Earth’s Mantle

Still working on getting these uploaded!
If you are interested in viewing my machine-learning projects please send me an email!